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Chipseek.com is a processional online shop for you to search IGBT Modules, Fans, and Power Modules.Electronics Components. We are your best choice to find the hard to find, discontinued, or Obsolete Transistor Modules,

ChipSeek.com is owned and managed by DUOJIE ELECTRONICS (HK) LIMITED, which is founded in 2005. Since that time, we are already the distributors of IGBTs & High Voltage IGBTs, Diode Modules, Bridge Rectifier, Thyristors , Power Modules,Power Semiconductors, ADC , DAC, Memory Chips, Micro Controllers, Op Amps, Voltage Regulator, Switched Mode Power Controllers, and other Passive Components. Also we expanded our business to ABB series Fans and Industrial Control Products.

After so many years experience, We already have the whole mature system for customers to guarantee high quality products,

1. we only sell new products,

2. provide 45 days warranty.

3. As we have close cooperation with the IGBT power transistor modules manufacturers,      OEMs and distributors, So we can provide you lower price with high quality products.

4. Our warehouse facility to control the environment for our inventory to guarantee the  quality too.

5. We have enough Sales &After Sales department, Any question you can get our feedback in 24 hours,

Please search on our catalogue system, and check what you need , Contact with us online or email.We also invite you to email us with any part numbers you’re interested in purchasing ,So that we can get back you more information.

Currently we have more than 300,000 line items in stock, which includes factory new, surplus and consignment excess inventory from a variety of other sources. Most of time we can ship out your orders immediately, and we use major freight carriers to deliver our products. We’ll also provide a certificate of conformance with every order you placed,  which includes the details of the inspection process before the packing and shipping. This is why we can ensure that our zero-defect record stays at zero.

If you are looking for best distributors for these products,Welcome to your any contact any time , We will give you feedback Within 24 hours.


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