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New 600 V flowPIM 1 + PFC family for power ranges up to 8 kW

Heating pumps and HVAC systems show a high demand for more compact designs and increased power density. Vincotech’s new 600 V PIM+PFC family based on the interleaved power factor correction concept (two-leg and three-leg) will ensure your designs easily meet these requirements while drastically improving efficiency and slashing system costs.

Equipped with the latest generation chip technology, the new flowPIM 1 + PFC modules let you step up performance and deepen the integration in your designs. They also strike the best balance between cost and benefits to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Built to cover a wide power range up to 8 kW, these PIM-with-interleaved-PFC modules ship in the low-inductive industry-standard flow1 housing. All modules are also available with phase-change material.


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